Providence Fitness promise

One of our fleet of repair vehicles and technicians will be there within 24 hrs of your call

We stock a complete inventory of spin parts

We strive to make the most cost-effective repair possible.

spin bikeRehabilitating the equipment at a healthcare rehabilitation facility

This cardio rehab facility at a regional hospital counts on Providence Fitness to check and maintain all their equipment on a monthly basis. When one of their older pieces of specialized equipment failed, and parts were no longer available, we were able to fabricate the necessary part in order to get the machine running again in a timely fashion. (This also saved the customers thousands of dollars over the cost of a total replacement.) We work with many different kinds of rehab facilities because these doctors and therapists know the value of expertly-maintained machines to their businesses and to the health of their patients.

spin bike
Keeping business spinning and customers grinning
This Providence Fitness customer has a very active spin studio and was having chronic issues with bike breakdowns, leading to a shortage of class capacity and very dissatisfied customers. We put together a preventive maintenance program, and since that time the
number of bikes that are temporarily out-of-commission has been drastically reduced.
bike trainer
From do-it-yourself to do-it-better with us.
A local gym came by our store to purchase spin bike parts. After wasting precious hours of time trying to fix the equipment themselves, we were eventually called in and fixed the spin bikes right away. We were also able to repair an elliptical trainer which the gym had given up hope of getting repaired because the parts were no longer available. Providence Fitness is now this gym’s primary service provider. On countless occasions, local spin studios and gyms have been able to count on us to remove their ‘out of order’ signs and to quickly get their equipment working perfectly in time for their next class.
Training the training studio
A successful personal training studio called us to take care of two noisy treadmills. After discovering that the equipment was still under warranty (the studio had been ready to pay for the parts!), we were able to obtain and install a new running belt and motor. The studio’s equipment is now whisper-quiet again and needless to say, we’re first on their list when it comes to keeping all their equipment in shape. Because our repair trucks are so well-stocked, it’s not uncommon for us to be carrying the replacement parts (including circuit boards) that will allow us to get things going again right away.
weight machine
Strengthening the equipment before someone got hurt
Our routine inspection of a customer’s weight equipment noted frayed and damaged cabling, as well worn pulley hardware and belts. If any of these had failed, someone could have gotten seriously hurt. We were able to make all necessary repairs right away and avoid the downtime that hurts every gym’s reputation and profitability.