Ensuring your equipment (and your investment) is in top condition.
Scheduled maintenance keeps your facility going strong Setting up a maintenance program allows you to ensure peak performance from your investment, as well as enabling you to fix small problems before they become costlier ones. Regularly scheduled maintenance also means that there’s far less chance of equipment breaking, especially during peak periods of use. That not only makes members and other equipment users happier, it makes them safer as well.

If your cardio equipment should break, we’ll be there in a heartbeat.
Or if any other kind of equipment should break, for that matter. Our response times are extremely fast, and we stock replacement parts for many of the most popular equipment brands, so you won’t have to wait for days or weeks for your equipment to get back into service.

We’re highly trained… not highly priced.
We maintain long-term relationships with our customers because they know that with Providence Fitness Service, they get what  they pay for… and oftentimes far more


Regular SPIN BIKE maintenance includes

 • Adjusting belt tension or chain as
• Bottom bracket adjustment
• Tightening crank arms and pedals

    to spec
• Bearing inspection and replacement
• Replace missing or broken hardware
• Lubricate seat posts and handleba   sliders
• Inspect saddle and grips, replace as


Regular TREADMILL maintenance includes


• Inspect walking belt and deck for

   damage or wear; lubricate as required
• Adjust belt tracking and tension
• Check for loose or missing hardware
• Inspect, clean, repair, or replace motors,

   keypads, consoles, circuit boards as

• Inspect and test user console